We are passionate about products that are good for people, environment and also generate economic profit. We have been searching and identifying scientifically proven products, which can provide an alternative to the use of harmful chemical insecticides. We work very closely with manufacturers on the design, manufacture and quality control of light-trapping products, of which we are introducing into Australia and other parts of the world. We believe that, as a major part the physical methods for insect control, with its strong ability to reduce the impact of insect pests that light-trapping approach demonstrates, it will gradually take a larger role in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Why Should You Choose Us?


China spent over 50 years in the research and development of this practice and product.


It is a mature technology. In recent years it has increasingly become widely applied in China’s agriculture and other sectors.


Its effectiveness in controlling some major insects and reducing the use of chemical spray is commonly recognised.


It is a Chinese government partially subsidised agricultural equipment used for insect control.

Insects Captured Daily Record (kg / per light in 101 days) (Jul 15 - Oct 26)
Date Weight (kg) Date Weight (kg) Date Weight (kg) Date Weight (kg) Date Weight (kg)
15-Jul 2.90 5-Aug 2.55 26-Aug 3.30 16-Sep 1.95 7-Oct 1.95
16-Jul 3.05 6-Aug 2.50 27-Aug 3.10 17-Sep 2.05 8-Oct 1.75
17-Jul 3.00 7-Aug 2.38 28-Aug 3.00 18-Sep 1.95 9-Oct 1.65
18-Jul 3.10 8-Aug 2.30 29-Aug 2.05 19-Sep 2.00 10-Oct 1.45
19-Jul 3.75 9-Aug 2.25 30-Aug 2.90 20-Sep 2.00 11-Oct 1.25
20-Jul 3.18 10-Aug 2.23 31-Aug 2.95 21-Sep 2.00 12-Oct 1.20
21-Jul 3.23 11-Aug 3.10 1-Sep 3.10 22-Sep 1.90 13-Oct 1.25
22-Jul 3.20 12-Aug 3.05 2-Sep 3.05 23-Sep 1.80 14-Oct 1.15
23-Jul 3.65 13-Aug 2.70 3-Sep 3.15 24-Sep 1.80 15-Oct 1.00
24-Jul 4.15 14-Aug 2.95 4-Sep 3.00 25-Sep 1.85 16-Oct 0.90
25-Jul 4.25 15-Aug 2.75 5-Sep 2.90 26-Sep 1.95 17-Oct 0.90
26-Jul 3.65 16-Aug 2.70 6-Sep 2.75 27-Sep 2.00 18-Oct
27-Jul 3.30 17-Aug 2.65 7-Sep 2.70 28-Sep 2.40 19-Oct 1.00
28-Jul 3.25 18-Aug 2.90 8-Sep 2.60 29-Sep 2.85 20-Oct 0.85
29-Jul 3.15 19-Aug 3.10 9-Sep 2.25 30-Sep 21-Oct 0.75
30-Jul 2.95 20-Aug 3.45 10-Sep 1.75 1-Oct 2.80 22-Oct 0.65
31-Jul 2.85 21-Aug 3.35 11-Sep 2.15 2-Oct 2.60 23-Oct 0.60
1-Aug 2.70 22-Aug 3.40 12-Sep 2.15 3-Oct 2.40 24-Oct 0.70
2-Aug 2.65 23-Aug 3.55 13-Sep 2.00 4-Oct 2.30 25-Oct 0.65
3-Aug 2.65 24-Aug 3.40 14-Sep 2.00 5-Oct 2.25 26-Oct 0.55
4-Aug 2.45 25-Aug 3.25 15-Sep 2.05 6-Oct 2.05 Total (kg) 245.57
P.S. table 1&2 are placed in the ” Effective to the nocturnal moths” under “Features”. You may reduce the size of the current photo there.
Insects Captured (One light during 3.5 months)
Insect Type Scientific Name No Captured
Various moths Leucania separata 10
  Agrotis ypsilon 385
  Ostrinia nubilalis 453
  Helicoverpa armigera 49
  Cnaphalocrocis medinalis 50
  Proceras venosatus 1,018
  Prodernia litura 284
  Plusia agnata 817
  Tortricidae 2,494
  Clanis bilineata tsingtauica 120
  Marumba gaschkeuitschii 15
  Callambulyx tartarinovii 16
  Theretra japonica 493
  Herse convolvuli 12
  Philosamia cynthia ricina 16
  Parasa sinica 6
  Cidocampa flavescens 145
  Setora postomata 611
  Percnia giraffata 166
  Other giraffata 1,429
  Cifuna locuples 445
  Ivela ochropoda 266
  Arctiidae 295
Other type of insects Mecopoda elongata 61
  Erthesina fullo 244
  Gryllus testacies 150
Various beetles Anomala corpulenla 4
  Holotrichia parallela 4,073
  Anomada exoleta 1
  Maladera ovatula 1
Mole crikets Various Gryllotalpa 2,496
Total   16,625
Insectrap installation radius and control areas
Device Installation Radius (M) Control Area (M²) Hectare (ha)
50 7,850 0.8
60 11,304 1.1
70 15,386 1.5
80 20,096 2.0
100 31,400 3.1
120 45,216 4.5
150 70,650 7.0
200 125,600 13.0


Alex Druc, Dec 2012

I have trialled the Insect Zapper for 30 days. In that period I have found it to be a highly efficient killing machine of any night flying insect that is attracted to the light.

My main worry with this device has proven on-existent. I diligently check the Insect Zapper each day to see if any bees were killed by it and did not find a single one for the whole time.

It was very surprising (to see) the number of insects it gets beside the benefit it gives my vegetables and fruit trees, I was pleasantly surprised that there were no mosquitoes in my home despite the Insect Zapper being 25 meters from my back door.

I highly recommend the Insect Zapper as a low maintenance means of controlling insects that are attracted to light.

Patrick (Dave) Pentony, Jan 2013

We are certified organic vegetable growers farming 24 ha and cultivating up to 5 ha at any time.

We have trialed the solar powered insect killing lamp for a month now and have found it to be very effcient in attracting and killing dusk and night flying insects, in particular a large range of harmful beetles and moths.

We rely heavily on ladybird beetles for the control of aphids in our lettuce and brassica crops as they are daytime active, none of them seem to have been killed.

The solar powered unit is particularly useful to us as some of our vegetables are a long way from mains power. With this unit we can set it up and just check on it every couple of days.

Since getting the solar powered unit we have also purchased a mains powered unit for use in the fields close to the house and are also very happy with it.

We can recommend these units to anyone who is looking for an environmentally friendly means of controlling dusk and night flying insects.