Environmentally friendly means of insect pests control

The Insect Zapper is a light trapping device capturing and killing nocturnal / night-time flying insect pests. The device provides a sustainable alternative to effectively reduce the insect pests impact on agriculture and non-agriculture sectors, which contributes to the reduced use of harmful chemical insecticide. There is no build-up in the insect pests chemical resistance.

Light trapping device is a physical method of monitoring and controlling insect pests, which forms a part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The DC unit is a solar powered battery driven light trapping device. The device comprises a bulb with broad spectrum wavelength with 2-3 peaks, to attract insects based on their phototaxis, and high voltage wires then stun the insects. When insects are attracted from distance by long wavelength and fly closer to the light device, the short wavelength makes them dizzy and they either hit the plastic panels and fall down into a container, or are zapped by the high voltage wires.

The light turns on automatically at sundown. The duration of the light depends on the setting in the device controller and the amount of battery charged during the day. The next day the solar panel recharges the battery.

Depending on the crops and the shape of the land, generally one light trapping device covers an area between 10,000 to 15,000m² (1.0 – 1.5 ha).

The effectiveness of light trapping has long been proven (please refer to the testimonials and overseas test data). The sustainability aspects of the device is demonstrated in its reduced impact of insect pests on agriculture and non-agriculture sectors, and effectively in the reduced chemical insecticide applications. This physical method of insect control contributes to the cleaner environment, improved food safety, and medium to longer term economic profit.


We are certified organic vegetable growers farming 24 ha and cultivating up to 5 ha at any time.

We have trialed the solar powered insect killing lamp for a month now and have found it to be very effcient in attracting and killing dusk and night flying insects, in particular a large range of harmful beetles and moths.

We rely heavily on ladybird beetles for the control of aphids in our lettuce and brassica crops as they are daytime active, none of them seem to have been killed.

The solar powered unit is particularly useful to us as some of our vegetables are a long way from mains power. With this unit we can set it up and just check on it every couple of days.

Since getting the solar powered unit we have also purchased a mains powered unit for use in the fields close to the house and are also very happy with it.

We can recommend these units to anyone who is looking for an environmentally friendly means of controlling dusk and night flying insects.

Patrick (Dave) Pentony, Jan 2013

I have trialled the Insect Zapper for 30 days. In that period I have found it to be a highly efficient killing machine of any night flying insect that is attracted to the light.

My main worry with this device has proven on-existent. I diligently check the Insect Zapper each day to see if any bees were killed by it and did not find a single one for the whole time.

It was very surprising (to see) the number of insects it gets beside the benefit it gives my vegetables and fruit trees, I was pleasantly surprised that there were no mosquitoes in my home despite the Insect Zapper being 25 meters from my back door.

I highly recommend the Insect Zapper as a low maintenance means of controlling insects that are attracted to light.

Alex Druc, Dec 2012